Participation fees for Tampere Marathon 2023:

According to the preliminary information Competition Center is Tampere Stadium in City Center, adress Ratinan rantatie 1, Tampere.

Until 31.12.2022 Marathon 47 € (with Runner card 37 €), Half Marathon 32 € (with Runner card 22 €), Quarter Marathon 20 € (no discount with Runner card), Marathon relay 92 €. 

Until 31.5.2023 Marathon  52 € (with Runner card 42 €), Half Marathon 42 € (with Runner card 32 €), Quarter Marathon 27 €, Marathon relay 102 €.

Until 24.8.2023 Marathon 62 € (with Runner card 52 €), Half Marathon 47 € (with Runner card 37 €), Quarter Marathon 32 €, Marathon relay 132 €.

Enrollment in the race office 26.-27.8.2023 Marathon 75 €, Half Marathon 55 €, Quarter Marathon 40 €, Marathon relay 155 €. (No discount with Runner card at this point)

The last date to register for the Challenge Run is 12.8.2023.

Terms of Participation

By signing up, you also give permission to have your name appear on the leaderboard and the results list. If you do not want your name to be displayed but still want to run, contact the race director!

By registering you also give permission to photograph you. If you do not want your photo to be displayed, please contact the race director!

Changes and billing:

According to the rules, an entry to the run is non-refundable and we will not refund your participation fees in any circumstance. There is a transfer fee of 5 € for transfers and changes. 

It is also possible to transfer your participation to the following year’s race with a medical certificate against a transfer fee. You can also transfer your participation to the next year or to another person with a medical certificate. 

By paying an Optional Transfer Insurance Fee of EUR 5 when you sign up online, you can make the following changes: Postponing your participation to the following year due to a business trip, a military refresher or other compelling reason. You can also transfer your participation to another person. Contact the race director to  get directions on how to proceed. Without the Optional Transfer Insurance Fee, changes are only possible at the Race Office.

A similar processing fee of EUR 10 / registration will be charged for similar changes made at the Race Office without a security fee. The squad of relay team and the race distance to a shorter one can be changed without a handling fee.

Billing is only allowed under the terms of the Eventio registration system (minimum amount 150 € / invoice). If you absolutely want to be billed by the Tampere Marathon Club,  a EUR 20 billing fee will be charged.

Changes are possible.

47,00 €
32,00 €
20,00 €
92,00 €